Sunday, September 6, 2009

Go Team Go

What could be more fun than sitting in the cold, wet, and windy weather for three hours with no one to talk to while watching your visiting friend’s team lose at a sport you hardly follow? Just about anything, I think!!! I went, I froze, they lost, and I left.

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad, but they did lose. I had no idea where I was going, and once I got there, I had to pay to get in. Since I don’t carry cash, I have to now go and find an ATM machine which decides it hates me and charges a $1.75 convenience charge and drive back to the stadium to buy a ticket. (So maybe it was that bad.) Luckily no one spilled pop on me, but it was freezing! I was trying to watch the game, but I don’t know what is going on. I’m a hockey fan, through and through, and football is just not my thing. I followed best I could and the people sitting around me (one of them was T-Rex’s coach’s wife) kept talking about what was going on so that did help. In the end, they lost but I thought he played pretty well. All he had to do was run up to some guy and scream in his face, so that looked like it could’ve been fun. Maybe I’ll try out for a women’s team. Or not.

After the game I wanted to see him and talk for a minute, because that was why I was there. He came off of the field and I saw him talking to an older man. He smiled and waved once he saw me and I waved back. He talked to the older man for a minute (who turned out to be his dad but T-Rex didn’t introduce me) and he talked about coming down again this weekend to pick-up The Firefighter, T-Rex’s best friend. It sounded as though the older guy knew exactly what T-Rex was talking about, but it was all news to me. I tried to soak up as much info as I could, but I’ll probably talk to him later and find out what’s going on. Once his dad left T-Rex and I talked for a minute or so. He asked if I was heading home, and I said “Well yeah, where else would I go?” He thought I might be going to his sister’s, but I said that she didn’t make it to the game. He asked why and I said because from what I had understood, he hadn’t been talking to her lately so she didn’t come. Confused (a common emotion from my young friend), he said that he didn’t talk to her when I was hanging out with him, but he had tried to call her twice and she was sleeping. I found it odd that he even remembered hanging out with me since it has been well over a month now since I was up there. He seemed to forget everything that happened between us prior to that, but not my actual visit. Interesting. He said that he would hug me but he was all wet. I told him that I didn’t care and I got my hug anyways.

All in all, it was not a bad day. Well, minus the part where I actually had to WATCH the game; that did kind of suck. I got to see and talk to T-Rex (and I got my hug!) so I am glad that I went. I don’t know why I was making such a big deal out of the whole thing. It was just a football game and he wanted me there. Why should I not go? Of course, I probably won’t see him for a while now again, but that is probably a good thing. It’s best if we text and chat on MSN. He needs to have his drunken fun with his buddies and learn some hard lessons from a few girls. Then, he’ll know what works with women and what doesn’t. In a couple of years, I think we might be really good together. I wish I could say he was my best friend right now, but I think I’m going to need to kick the texting up a notch. If not, at least some really long Facebook messages. That way, I won’t bother him while he’s at work or at school but we can still keep in contact. I think that is a much better plan! Oh, I’m excited now!

Sometimes, life throws you a curveball. If you’re lucky, you won’t fumble or go offside. Wait. What sport are we talking about again? Ah yes, the sport of life.