Monday, September 14, 2009

Back In Black. Or Blue.

YAY! The Joker is back! In full force with the stupid grins, ridiculous comments, all-knowing eyes, and great advice. How I’ve missed it!

Isn’t it odd, to me anyways, how one person can change the outlook on your entire day? One of my friends has been off work for a week and today was his first day back. I had a work seminar this morning (don’t be too jealous. “Respectful Behaviour in the Workplace”, I kid you not. This stuff honestly just happens to me. I can’t even make it up!) and the first thing he says to me? "Why aren’t you returning my phone calls?" Oh my, I’ve missed him! I know that he was joking and when I told him where I had been, he asked if I was going to finally stop harassing him. “I haven’t even started” was my brilliant response. I really need to work on my comebacks. It’s so nice to be able to joke around with him. I only returned from the seminar at noon, so I didn’t even know I had a message from him when he said that! Still, sometimes it is in the little comments and smiles you get from people that can really determine how your day is going to go.

As we were leaving today, I asked him if he had made a decision about coming to Alpha with me. He said that he hadn’t even thought about it (although when I first brought it up he said he would, but I know that he’s been super busy). I couldn’t resist and asked if he was going to think about it (or not... like make a decision here buddy... I know that this sort of thing should not be decided on whim. If he wants to commit and take the course, it will be a big step for him.) and he said “yeah, I will think about it for you”. I think that’s positive! (Note that he said “think about it for you”. I’m not going to take too much time on that, but I’m hoping that means more than what it seems to mean. Really though, what does it even mean? Because I’m asking him, he’ll think about it? He knows that I want him to go, so he’s going to consider it? Will he consider it seriously?) I really think that this course would be really good for him and it would solidify our relationship too. Fingers crossed my friends! Fingers crossed!

I am so glad I have a friend like the Joker in my life. Some people don’t understand or “get” our relationship. Screw them! It’s none of their business and as long as he and I know what’s going on, that’s all that matters.