Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Don't Make Me Hit You Again...

I don’t know if this really deserves its own post, but what the hell! Zero had oh so kindly returned the supplies from Plan SPM today. He included a little note that read something like “Thanks for the thoughtful consideration. Due to the money invested, I hope you can make use of this. Thanks!” After devouring the Mars bar, I flipped through the magazine (Marie Claire, of course!) and made sure I grabbed it on the way out.

As the Joker and I were walking out today, we were talking about the chocolate bar/trust issue after Plan SPM. I reminded him yet again that women do not throw out chocolate. When it is that time of the month, NO chocolate is spared!! It is devoured in seconds and any chocolate that is thrown out is devastation to all mankind! Okay, so perhaps I didn’t go quite that far into it, but I think he got the message!

He then proceeds to tell me that our joke was an “epic failure”. Instinctively, I hit him with my magazine. Right across his umbrella-holding arm, as I called him an ass! WHACK! Seriously! Epic failure!? What the hell asshole?! I know that he thoroughly enjoyed our little game today, but good grief. It was really fun to smack him. A lot of anger that had to be released, I don’t know if one smack was sufficient. It definitely made me feel better though!

I told him that he has to be nice to me tomorrow, because I might be in a really bad mood (something I’m dreading/nervously excited for is happening). He said that he isn’t nice any other day, so why should he be nice tomorrow. I told him that he has to be nice! I might need him to be nice tomorrow, but he says that he is never nice so it wouldn’t make a difference.

Why is he so difficult? Seriously, all mind games. Maybe I’ll get to smack him tomorrow too!