Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just A Little Something

For some reason, I’m not feeling very talkative today, which is weird because I talk a lot. I guess I’m just not in the talking kind of mood today. I do have some random thoughts today though. I will share.

1) Is “replyable” a word? The red squiggly line is suggesting it is not, but I think it should be. For example, if someone replies in a text message with simply “lol”, you are not obligated to text back. What does one say to “lol”? There isn’t much I can think of, and if you do, you are just carrying on your own conversation. This also means that the person you are talking to doesn’t know how to reply to your message and cannot think of anything clever to respond with. Thus, “lol” is not a replyable text message. It should be a word. Urban dictionary anyone?

2) Is it just me or does everyone think they’re funny? Sometimes, people just need to shut the hell up. Srsly. Stop talking. If I’m not replying in a positive manner, probably a sign you’re not the next Bill Cosby. Just saying...

3) Shameless blog plug, if I may! My friend, Athena, writes over
here at Our World Collides. I call it “The Greatest Myspace Page EVER”, but I don’t want it to go to her head. She’s the greatest!

That is really all I’ve got today. Bleh. I'm very disapointed I don't have more to say. Note to self: no more coffee! Too many headaches = bad moods.