Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chocolate Answers

I just couldn’t let it be. I wanted answers. I wanted the truth: Why would you throw out a chocolate bar? I asked the Joker at the end of the day if he had eaten his. No, he threw it out. I couldn’t tell him I already knew, but I had to start somewhere.

Upon further examination, he posed the question to me: Would you eat something that came anonymously in the inter-office mail? I said that if it was a sealed chocolate bar, probably! He said that he didn’t know where it came from, but I asked who would purposely poison a chocolate bar and send it to him? Really now? He said that the list of people who disliked him and would do that was quite long. How was he to be sure it was sealed? I asked if he wanted me to include a receipt next time, but he said that just proved the transaction and nothing more. He told me to think about it. Think about it, I did.

7:57 Grasshopper – Alright, so I thought about it and here’s the deal: I totally would’ve eaten the chocolate!! Don’t care where it came from and esp some times of the month, all women want is chocolate!! I don’t think, or at least I hope, anyone hates me enough to buy a candy bar, tamper it, and send it to me interoffice. Really. Chocolate is always, always good :) you think too much :p
7:59 Joker – I don’t trust people that much
8:01 Grasshopper – Obviously. But srsly, it’s a chocolate bar! Do you think someone hates you that much? That much time on their hands to torture you?
8:02 Joker – Yes I do think people hate me that much
8:04 Grasshopper – Well that`s ridiculous. You need to stop thinking that everyone is out to get you. It’s not true
8:10 Grasshopper – There are a lot of good people out there you know...
8:19 Joker – Maybe so but I’m still not gonna trust anonymous packages
8:27 Grasshopper – That’s fair enough. I’m sorry if it offended you, was just meant as a joke.

I’m not sure how a joke regarding moody men needing Midol has turned into an issue about trust, but such is life. This man has some deep issues. I wonder if he even trusts me. I would never hurt him, but how can I prove that if he won’t give me a chance? I just want him to know I’d never let him down. I’m the one who gets let down, always. Somehow, you just get back up and keep fighting. Perhaps he’s been knocked around one too many times. Does he trust me?