Monday, September 7, 2009

A Blackberry Changes Everything

Technology. Can’t live with it, but we can’t live without it. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, MSN, Blackberry Messenger, and Hotmail. Everyone has everything these days, and it is very hard to keep track of what is going on people’s lives! I admit I do have a very active Facebook account. Seriously though, who doesn’t? My mom does for heaven’s sake! I did have a Myspace, but no one was on that, so I deleted it. I have two Twitter accounts (one with each of my Hotmail accounts to maintain anonymity) and one active MSN account.

I wanted to wish T-Rex a happy birthday, but I didn’t know how to. Did I write on his Facebook wall? Text message him? MSN? Facebook message? When did it become so complicated to wish your friend a happy birthday? My Blackberry is connected with Facebook so I know as soon as someone messages me on there or comments on my status. I do, however, refuse to have it hooked up with my e-mail accounts. When I get a text, I want it to be a personal one, and not one of those stupid promotional ones. I love my Blackberry though, mainly because it will keep all of my text messages and not tell me “your inbox is at full capacity” when there are sixty messages in it. Nope, I have hundreds of messages in there, received and sent. A Blackberry changes everything. I have all of the proof and evidence from relationships of what actually was said. True, I wouldn’t want to have it used against me in a court of law, but there is no denying what was promised darling! I’ve got the proof in my hands!

Twitter tends to annoy me more than anything. I can send a text message to update my tweets, but it won’t allow me to log in from my laptop. How pointless is that? I do love the anonymity it provides though
. I can say whatever I want, and no one will find me on it! Facebook on the other hand, requires some careful editing. It’s sucky when your mom, aunts, cousins, and co-workers (the ones who aren’t your friends) are all your friend list. The only thing I don’t like is the status updates by people you’ve never talked to but only know because you went to school with them. Sheesh! Go away Zyra! I’ve never liked half of the people that are on there and I really could care less about their relationship status! True, I could stop complaining and only have people on there that I know and would consider my friends, but then there wouldn’t be many people on there. I’ve edited my friend list a couple of times (had to get rid of some “dead weight”) but I don’t like deleting people. It seems so mean.

It’s true that I have been completely consumed with new technology. Each new program has targeted me! Damn me for being the targeted audience! I couldn’t live without my Blackberry though. Well maybe I could, but I never want to.