Saturday, August 15, 2009

Desperate Relation-shit

Desperate, adj.
1) Reckless or dangerous because of despair or urgency;
2) Having an urgent need, desire, etc.
3) Leaving little or no hope; very serious or dangerous
4) Extremely bad; intolerable or shocking
5) Extreme or excessive
6) Making a final, ultimate effort
7) Actuated by a feeling of hopelessness

8) Having no hope; giving in to despair

I would advise anyone who plans on using this word to do so with extreme caution. If used improperly, unpredictable actions and attitudes may occur.

One of my friends, VWBug, I have known since I was seven. We were friends back then and throughout high school but recently we’ve been getting much closer. I’ve been hanging out with her more and more and we’re even planning a trip to Mexico! Mainly, we talk about boys. Why, you ask? Why not?!! They do consume most of our time whether we’re talking to them, dreaming about them, or analyzing their every move; there’s no denying it.

VWBug knows what is going on between T-Rex and I and the other night him and I were chatting on msn. I was trying to get answers to some of my questions, and I thought it best to bring up the past and how things had changed. I sent my conversation to her on Facebook so she could see what was going on. His answers kind of shocked me since he forgot all we had promised me before. (He had told he was thinking about me 24/7, going to take me on a date, cook me dinner, and he wanted to hear my Dad’s trucker stories. I kind of thought he liked me since every two seconds there would be a new text message from him! I have all of our text messages still on my phone (over two months worth) but it is a Blackberry and it keeps them forever. I have no reason to delete them; they are my proof that I am not crazy.) So I sent her our conversation and I was kind of expecting a comforting word or two, like a “you can do better than him”, “he’ll come around”, “he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on”, or something along those lines. She didn’t really say that and I had to get to sleep.

The next day she said that she something she needed to tell me but didn’t want me to “take it the wrong way”. Now I’m confused. Just wait! It gets better. She proceeds to tell me that my conversation came across as desperate to her. I didn’t really think much of it as it was time to get back to work. Maybe she was right, and I tried to see how it may have come across that way but she didn’t have the whole story.

Yesterday, I found out she had wrote a blog about my situation, in which she proceeds to tell the WORLD that she had asked five (count ‘em, FIVE) guys about my dilemma. Their response, to no surprise, was that I was a) lonely, b) horny, or c) unsatisfied. I’m sorry, but did I ask her to get advice on my behalf?!! VWBug knows me well enough to know that none of those are true! She is calling me desperate? This from the girl who has a new boy every two weeks! Excuse me? Obviously offended and hurt, I text messaged her about it and asked if she was saying I acted desperate because I was unsatisfied. She agreed and I thanked her for the insight. I was polite and pleasant and have yet to confront her on the issue; I was working and did not want to bring my personal life to the workplace. (That’s another blog!) I feel so betrayed by her and I did not want a “Dr. Phil” answer on my problem. I told her that in confidence and she had no right to go and ask her guy friends about it! I trusted her with that information and I cannot believe she would do something like this. Sure, maybe she didn’t see anything wrong with it. I know! Next time she has some relation-shit drama, I’ll go and ask T-Rex what he thinks! Yeah bitch, what do you think about that!

Me? Desperate? You have got to be kidding me. If I was desperate, I would out at the bars and clubs on a Saturday night like this, instead of at home blogging about my life. I do not need a man to be happy and she should know that. I haven’t had a boyfriend yet, and life is just fine without one. Proceed with caution: desperate is a hurtful word.