Tuesday, August 18, 2009

De-coding The Obvious

Women are not difficult creatures to understand: text message us to say hi, tell us we look pretty, and buy us flowers. Is that so hard to do? I guess it is for some men and I have learned lately to play it cool when you are into a guy and not talk to him unless he initiates contact. Alright, this sounds simple enough.

I had not talked to T-Rex for three days as he was not initiating contact (and neither was I!). This morning when I got up, I checked my Blackberry as always and there were two messages from him.
11:38pm – Good night my friend
11:39pm – I hate not talked to you in a while.. So we gotta catch up

The first time I read the second text, I read “I hate not talking to you. We have to catch up.” Then I realized he probably meant that to say “I have not talked to you in a while”: two very different phrases! One letter can change the entire meaning of the phrase! I like the idea that he hates not talking to me. That’s sweet and something he would have said before the whole driving-three-hours-to-see-him-and-then-everything-changes-but-he-thinks-it-didn’t thing. That is the T-Rex I like; the one who was honest and blunt about things. He would say what he was thinking and feeling, but this T-Rex seems to forget I exist for a day or three. Not my forte, as the commercial would say! He should hate not talking to me. I’m fricken amazing so yeah! I hope all of his days suck ass when he’s not talking to me because I make them better.

Okay, so we have not talked in a while. I know! It’s up to him to make the moves now; I did more than my share driving up there and wearing my heart on my sleeve, again. Is this his way of saying that he misses me? I know that guys won’t say “mushy” stuff like that (although it is exactly what every girl wants to hear) but was that his point on telling me what I already knew? Was he reminding me? I know, I am over thinking this, but you would be to so don’t judge me!

If you keep reading, he says “we gotta catch up”. Catch up on what? It’s only been three days! What is so pressing that needs to be discussed this late? My bedtime for text messages is 11 and he knows that, so would he say we gotta catch up if it was something unimportant? Probably. I bet it has something to do with a girl. He needs to tell me that he’s found a girl before changing his relationship status on Facebook. That has to be it. Why else would he say we have to catch up? Did he miss me? Did he forget again that I am supposed to be his girl? Damn you T-Rex! Damn you for being so young and not getting what the hell is going on!

Alas, I did not get the messages until the morning and replied around 11 while I was working. (Alright, it was a coffee break. I am a good union employee!) I didn’t hear from him all day and our conversation this evening was nothing spectacular. He text messaged me “Word.” I wish I was witty and said something like “orange” or “asparagus” or “calendar”. There’s a “word” for you! I’m not that quick when it comes to thinking on my toes, and I was so excited it was him who has messaged me, I just said something mundane back. It was nice though, in a weird way, to know that he was back. I had won. Finally, that silver lining is coming through. Okay, so it was nothing major, but still! I flew under the radar for a couple of days, and then he’s back to talking to me.

If I can be completely honest with myself for just a minute, I would like to yell at myself. This should just take a second. DAMN YOU! Stop making up all of these crazy stories in your head! You know that you have to wait because it is not the right time and he’s told you he wants to be your friend. Be okay with that. Deal with it! Stop analyzing every word he says and trying to figure out if he says “I hate not talking to you” or “I have not talked to you”. He’s an eighteen year old boy who can’t spell! You know that so don’t pick apart his words. Be happy with what you have because it could be a whole lot worse. Don’t go scaring the boys away now.

Life lesson? I don’t think there is one in this. This is just another example of how the game must be played. True, I don’t have a clue what the rules are. I do know that I am winning.