Friday, August 14, 2009

Unexpected Questions

I am a woman. I am not a bobble head doll. I do not like to be treated as one either. As a young grasshopper, I am simply trying to make my way through this messed up world the best that I can. The only problem is when I begin to be treated as a toy; that’s when things get interesting.

My new boy, T-Rex, is currently visiting his hometown. Since I have left his house, three hours away, on Tuesday he has not text messaged me first.In fact, I have not heard anything from him all of yesterday and not one message from him today yet. Now please let me get this out before you make an opinion on my situation. T-Rex had been text messaging me first for the past month and a half and usually by 11 in the morning I would have a message from him. He even took a trip with some friends a couple of weeks ago. While he was gone, I continued to receive messages from him (Facebook or text messages, but nevertheless, a message). Now that we have met, and he is away from home again, it is as though I have disappeared. I’m still here buddy!
What he does not know, as a man, is how he is hurting my feelings by not talking to me. While he was gone a couple of weeks ago, he made time for me; he wanted to talk to me and ran up his cell bill doing so. Now, he has just become too busy, I presume, to send me a simple text message to say hello. I’m sorry for asking, but where did I go wrong? Somewhere between in all of the between liking you and being myself while I was with you, I must have made a large mistake.
Wait! No, I didn’t! I didn’t do anything wrong! So why do I have to keep telling myself that I didn’t do anything wrong? I have put so much emphasis on how one guy talks to me, it has become ridiculous! I am my own person and do not need his approval. If he finds time is his suddenly super-busy schedule to text me so I know he is thinking about me, so be it. Until then, he is acting like a complete jerk. I don’t care how many people he is catching up with back home. For all I know, he’s getting laid! Maybe he is; that would be the perfect ending to this story. I drive three hours to meet him where I decide that I do like him, but by the time I’ve come home, I’m just another chick. NO! I didn’t go anywhere! I am still here with my phone six inches away from me like I have been all along!

I did not do anything wrong and I do not need his approval. I don’t know what has changed, if anything. He told me that my trip didn’t change anything. Really now? How can I believe that when you have become too busy to say hello? Something must have changed on my trip or this wouldn’t be happening right now. Would you mind filling me in on what you are thinking so I don’t feel so completely alienated right now? After everything I’ve told him about all of the other losers in my life, I don’t know why he is becoming one. I don’t need this and I’m not going to stand for it. The opposite is true: I’m going to stand up for what I deserve.

This form of whiplash is very hard on us women. Honestly, my neck has start to hurt and my chiropractic bills are piling up! We are not a toy and do not deserve to be treated as such. Men, all you need to do is show us that you’re thinking about us. A simple “Hello” will suffice. We’re not asking for much here; simply, a little electronic affection.