Friday, August 14, 2009

Keeping It Simple

I was having coffee with my friend last night and we got into the most interesting conversation: men. Okay, so I know, it’s not that interesting, or unusual, especially for two twenty-something’s to talk about. This time, however, we came to a new angle on the topic. If we could tell the men in our lives exactly what it would take for them to make us their women, what would we tell them? It’s like we were telling them “these are the things we need from you and if you can do these, we’re all yours”. What would you tell them? What sort of things do you need from your man (or soon-to-be-man)? What does he have to do for you to make you happy?

I like to think that this is an easy topic! For me, the list would be quite simple. The problem lies in finding a man who can fulfill my to-do list. If/when I found a man who I thought had potential, I don’t believe I could truly sit down with them and list off what I needed from him, but it is a nice thought. This way, going into the relationship, he knows what is expected from him. As women, we like to think that the guy is already going to know what we want. I’m sure you know the bumper sticker “We are women. We do not tell you what we want, but reserve the right to be upset if we don’t get it.” Honestly, with that sort of philosophy, no wonder men are so confused! We really should be telling them what we want; how are they supposed to figure it out?

So my list would be quite simple. The first item relates to electronic communication (mainly text messaging). I would like my guy to text message me first. I think it is quite reasonable and a very sweet thing to do. The message can be as simple as “hello” but a “good morning sunshine” is always appreciated. Girls should not have to text message a guy first, and if a guy text messages me first it is automatically a brownie point!

The second item would probably be slightly more expensive, but I am worth every penny. Flowers mean the world to me! Tulips, lilies, roses, or daisies; it does not matter! A pretty bouquet of anything, delivered to my work with a cute note and I’d melt. It really doesn’t have to be a big bouquet; it’s the thought that he cares enough to spend the time and money to pick out the perfect ones. It’s all about the gesture!

I think one other action would make me extremely happy. Any guy who would take the time to make a mix cd of all of his favourite songs (which obviously remind him of me!) would make me melt. That would probably have to be one of the sweetest things any guy can do, especially if he is trying to win you over. I don’t think I would inform Mr. Right to make me a mix cd, but I think that if he did, I would know he would be Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now).

Women are not complicated! We want to feel wanted by men and if they fail to make us feel loved, we can find something else to occupy our minds and time. Really, we don’t need men to make us happy. They should feel privileged we allow them into our lives because we can do just fine without them. Since we are crazy about them, a little guidance about how we deserve to be treated might help keep them around. The Wise One always said “Men = Food, Girl, Sex, Fight, and Sports”. Let’s try to keep it simple for them!