Saturday, November 21, 2009

Towel Power

I’ve been moved out now for six days! HAPPY DANCE!!! If you haven’t heard, I’ve been having quite the little problem with my towels. My cheap WalMart ones apparently hate me because they’re shedding blue lint everywhere! Today, I thought I’d be really smart and buy some new ones, not because I can afford it, but because I’m sick and tired of having to dry off twice, you know? Well alright then. My mom and I went down to Sears and we picked up a whole new set of towels and everything and we came home and threw them all in the washer and we crossed our fingers. Let me tell you that these towels are not happy with just shedding lint all over the place. Heck no! These ones are dropping fricken hairballs left, right, and centre!! You should see the size of these things! It’s insanity! Why am I having such terrible luck with towels?! I know that after the first couple of washes, there is a lot of lint going on, but for heaven’s sake this is getting a little old...