Sunday, November 15, 2009

Adventures From Day One

Last night it was very quiet. I slept in my new place and I could not relax. I had just spent the entire day painting, moving boxes, and cursing at my Ikea bed for being so lame. It’s too big, so I have to take it all apart to get it out of my room at home and then put it back together in my room at my new place. The bed in itself is a good enough reason to never move again! Every. Muscle. Hurts.

Today I spent ten minutes trying to open a can of tuna. I wish I was joking, but these are just the sad little ways that life mocks me. I get, I get it: Ikea can openers are not a good idea. I mangled the can! It took me the can opener, one butter knife, three serrated knives, and a pair of scissors to get the damn thing open. I’m telling you, life is mocking me!

I finally rolled out the red carpet today. Okay, so it’s actually brown-ish and not nearly as nice as I was hoping it would be. It’s too small for the space that I wanted to put it in, and it kind of feels like sandpaper on my feet. Hmmm. Well, I guess that means I’ll have to shell out some big bucks and get a decent looking rug that actually matches my furniture, which I don’t have yet.

My mom and I went to WalMart a couple of weeks ago to buy some necessities for my bathroom: bath sheets, wash clothes, hand towels, etc. I washed them once before I moved and this morning I actually got to use them. Happy dance anyone? Hold that sprinkler pose. Blue lint everywhere. Apparently, the cheap WalMart towels suck ass because once I was finished using them, I had to get another towel to wipe off all of the blue lint they left on me! Good grief! Then, I had to put in my contacts. Well if the blue lint is on my hands, of course it’s going to be all over my contacts, and for all of you contact-wearers out there, you understand my pain, physical and emotional. I really don’t want to put lint in my eyes again. It hurts!!

I must say, though, that there are some upsides to this whole thing. Example? Sneaking back to my parents’ house to grab a jar of pickles/tea bags/hair elastics and anything else I may need in the near future. ‘Tis great fun! It’s kind of like my own grocery store!! How cool is that?!

Okay, so the phone just rang and I had to get up off of the floor to get it but my foot was asleep and I totally didn’t make it. Wow, I’m cool like that.

And on that awkward note, I’m going to stalk random people on Facebook, visit with my family while I’m here, and go home. My home. With my stuff. But only after my foot wakes up!!