Saturday, November 21, 2009

Introducing: Kim

The time has come: I need to introduce to you another friend of mine! To be quite honest, as I was thinking of writing this post, I did some reminiscing on the nicknames I have on here for all of my other friends, and I think some of them are quite lame! I mean, seriously. Bestie? She deserves so much better than that! I also realized that I haven’t given really good background stories to all my cast members here, so I think I’ll put a little something together over the next couple of days, which will probably turn into weeks. Who am I kidding? I have no time to blog and without internet at my place, it’s really hard! I have so much stuff to write about, but I just can’t! I can’t do it without my laptop! I guess I could use a pen and paper...

Anyways. New friend. Well, she’s not really a new friend, but I haven’t hung out with her in a while and she hasn’t popped up into any of my other posts, so she’s new to Blogger. So, let’s call her... Kim, a name that does not suit her at all, but whatever.

Kim and I went to college together last January and we were really close but when our course ended six months later (sweet deal, I know.) we promised to “keep in touch” and we did! We really did! For a while, anyway, we texted, Facebooked, and met for lunches and dinner dates when we could. Life got in the way of course, but when we do get together, it’s like we’ve never been apart. I love having friends like that! She knows all about the Joker and T-Rex and tells me about her guy problems too. She is, in a word, amazing.

One of the things I love about Kim is her spontaneity. If she’s sitting at home, bored, she’ll just randomly text you and start talking. She did that to me the other day, as I was unpacking of course, and we planned a dinner and movie night. So we did just that. And it was so much fun!!

I know that I can trust her and since she’s a couple years older than me, I can really relate to what she’s going through. She can tell me all about her crap and since I haven’t met any of the people she’s talking about, I can give an honest third-party opinion and hope she’ll listen. It’s the same for her, too. I can tell her all about what I’ve been thinking and feeling and she can agree that I’m right or tell me that I’m crazy and knock some sense into me.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway. Thanks for everything Kim. I love you darling.