Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Candy Coated Misery

“He looks like a cool drink of water but he’s candy coated misery.”

Ah, Carrie Underwood, how I love you!!!! Her latest song, Cowboy Casanova, is, by far, my favourite one of hers. This line speaks to me completely and the more I hear it, the more I know how true it is! How many times to we get pulled in by those beautiful eyes and that smile that can light up a room? Gosh, they show us a little bit of attention and before you know it, you become so attached to them that you cry when they don’t talk to you for a week. Oh, you don’t do that? That’s just me? Yeah, I know I have a problem!

So, Mr. Candy Coated Misery is really asking for a slap now. I decided it would be a “good” idea to message M&M. I had talked about it with Bestie and everything seemed to be piling up at once. I couldn't’t focus on my schoolwork and I was really quiet and kind of ignoring everyone; I was trying to figure out what to do on my own but I couldn't’t. She reasoned with me and I messaged him. Nothing crazy, just a simple message:

How did the grand opening go? I came by on Saturday and there was wall-to-wall people! I guess that's a good sign, eh?
Sorry I didn't have time to talk the other night. 'Twas my best friends birthday party and I was running late.
Text me sometime, k? 555-555-9115

Apparently, this was a bad idea. Either that or he is unconscious in a coma in the hospital. Ugh, I am so done. He’s been online to check, I know for a fact. I can’t text him (thank goodness!!) because I deleted loser boy out of my cell. I just don’t get it! Clearly, he was just using me all along and I was too blind to notice because I thought we were friends. Well, Mr. Candy Coated Misery, take your candy and go suck it!!


Nik said...

I like the new format!!

Also, I have been in this situation myself . . . it sucks. It sounds like this guy kinda sucks chica. You deserve to be with a guy who texts YOU and asks you how things are going. If he doesn't, he is missing out on a strong, independent, confident woman who might not even be able to remember his name the next time she sees him?? hmmmmm?

Good luck girl!!!