Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Just in case you didn't know, the Olympics are in my town! Yes, ten years in the making, and finally we get to host the world to the greatest city in the world. (I know that I may be a teeny bit prejudiced but that's too bad).

AND I have tickets to an Olympic event! It's a women's semifinal hockey game on Monday!!

Megs and I are both taking the day off and since her sister lives downtown (as opposed to our hour long drive from the city) we're going to crash at her place on Sunday night. PLUS, there are concerts going on for the entire two week period, so we're going to hit up some of those too. And public transit is free on the day of your event when you show 'em your tickets, so yay for public transit! It's pretty much going to be the best day ever!

Cloud. Freaking. Nine.

the periods are for emphasis because exclamation marks are overdone. fyi.