Sunday, January 10, 2010

If I Only Knew Why

I think Mr. Lawrence said it best.

[This ain't where the road comes to an end/This ain't where the bandwagon stops/This is just one of those times when/A lot of folks jump off/You find out who your friends are]

I was having lunch with a friend this week and he said something that has had me thinking hard ever since. His comment has me still awake at this unfriendly hour of the night trying to compose a serious answer to his in-passing statement. In the midst of joking fun on my behalf, he questioned my want to hang out with him. I had not put much thought into the subject, other than my Christmas card where I tried to say as much as possible in as few words as I could. Stunned, I managed to mumble out an unimpressive statement in which I expressed my unintelligence on the matter.

He makes constant fun of me and tells me everything I’m doing is wrong. There is little communication outside of work, and I don’t think I know as much about him as he does about me. We hardly ever hang out but when we’re together I think I talk too much about myself.

He is the one I can always count on. He’s that typical “nice guy” who would talk you out of a panic attack for half an hour and would text you before your plane left on your first-ever flight. He would answer any questions your virgin ears have about sex until three in the morning and offer to take you to the local sex store for fun on a Sunday. He’s the only one who can convince you to try sushi even when the thought makes your skin crawl.

This is the guy you’ve known for what seems like forever and who always had advice for you. He can make you laugh no matter how tired your heart may be and would never, ever judge you when you screw up. Yes, he’s that guy. The kind, loveable, friendly goof on whose bad side you never want to me. He will banter with you like there’s no tomorrow and tell you when you’ve done something wrong. This guy is not afraid to tell you what he knows you don’t want to hear because he truly has your best interest at heart. His opinion matters.

Something inside of me needs him around. In the depths of my heart, my head, and my soul, I have to have him in my life. It’s as simple as that.